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50 Rounds! Hornady 9754EL .223 Training Ammo 55gr

Part Number 9754EL
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50 Rounds! Hornady 9754EL .223 Training Ammo 55gr
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50 Rounds per Box Law Enforcement Hornady® Training™ ammunition provides a cost effective alternative to the standard TAP® loads for tactical training. Loaded with Hornady® bullets and proven propellants coupled with a high quality coated steel case and berdan primer, Hornady® Training™ ammunition is designed to deliver point of aim/point of impact consistency when compared to comparable TAP® offerings. Hornady® Training™ Ammunition - an economical, high quality solution for Law Enforcement training.

Hornady 223 Remington 55GR FMJ Training #9754EL

Made with the same quality as Hornady TAP duty ammunition.  This ammunition gives the ability to keep your skills sharp without the additional cost or changing your zero when sighted in with the 55GR TAP ammunition.  Ammunition is a lacquer coated steel case.

Ballistic Coefficient: .243

50 rounds per box


Hornady LE ammunition may only be purchased by qualifying customers
Feature 6

BULLET •Ballistic Coefficient: .243 •Sectional Density: .157 •Bullet Length: .735" •Recommended Rifling Twist Rate: 1:7" to 1:12" •Characteristics: Boat tail full metal jacket with cannelure •Training™

CASE 223 Remington •Manufacturer's Name (HMC) and Caliber Designation (223 REM) imprinted on case head •Quality coated steel POWDER & PRIMER •Powder: Temperature stable with flash retardant

•Primer: Small rifle, Berdan primed

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