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  Winchester-Federal Train-Defend 
  Federal Tactical HST-Hydra Shok 
  Speer Gold Dot LE 
  $0 - $24.99
  $25 - $49.99
  Over $50
Federal 5.56 XM855 Green Tip LAP 62gr FMJ
Federal Hydra-Shok .45acp P45HS1G
Federal Tactical P45HST1 .45 ACP +P 230gr LE (box of 50)

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About Us

Carry The Best

Who we are.

We are a woman owned small business.

We are Patriots.

We support the 2nd Amendment.

We love our Country.

We are thankful for the gifts that God has given us.

We thank the men and women that have served, fought and died for this country.


What we do:

We search the entire country to purchase small lots (Factory Sealed Cases) of contract overruns of new production, top quality ammunition.  Our products are not “seconds” and have not been sitting around for years, they are simply stock that was over ordered or Agency closed contracts for one reason or another.  We Pay a Premium for this ammunition,  when we find it we make a small profit from the sale.  Our prices may be higher than other companies but NO ONE works harder to find these products for you! 


Many of our products are listed as “Law Enforcement” but are legal for private citizens with the proper identification to own. 


Our inventory changes every single day, if the product is listed “in stock” we have it in hand.  If it is listed as “backordered” we have confirmation that it is on a truck and headed our way and you are allowed to place an order against that stock.  If it is “out of stock” we don’t have it, do not have a confirmation that it is inbound and we won’t allow orders for that product.


We offer a very small listing of specific ammunition to best serve our customers with the products they want.


We Believe:

The men and women that choose to arm themselves for their own protection and the protection of their families deserve to have the best ammunition that money can buy. Carry the Best


We pray that our customers never have to use any of our products for self defense, but if you do, win! Godspeed to you all.

Thanks for shopping with us!