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Law Enforcement Duty/Training .223/5.56

.223 5.56 NATO Ammunition Federal Winchester Ranger Hornady

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50 Rounds! Hornady 9754EL .223 Training Ammo 55gr
50 Rounds! Hornady 9754EL .223 Training Ammo 55gr
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5.56X45mm defensive rounds, a popular caliber that most AR-15s/M-16s come chambered in (also known as .223 Remington). The differences between .223 Remington and 5.56X45mm are negligible, but you should be forewarned that there are some dangers presented when shooting 5.56 out of a .223 chambered gun. 5.56X45mm (5.56 NATO for short) started out life as a developmental cartridge being looked at by the U.S. military for use in war during the 1950s. World War 2 taught them that the heavier, longer range battle calibers they were using were pointless after research indicated most firefights occurred within 300 yards, due to the advancements of mechanized warfare. Our military wanted a lighter, more portable round (enabling a soldier to carry 2X's the loadout of 7.62 NATO) that was also still traveling faster than the speed of sound at 500 yards. They were also looking for a lighter, handier weapon to fire that round. After the M-16 (firing the 5.56mm cartridge) was adopted in 1964, Remington came out with a commercial version of the 5.56 round, calling it the .223 Remington. The differences between these two rounds are small but important. First off, the 5.56 cartridge has thicker case walls both at the head and sidewalls of the case to handle the higher chamber pressures generated by the more hotly loaded 5.56mm military round. The .223 Remington chamber is also dimensionally different from that of its NATO counterpart; it has a much shorter throat and slightly less headspace, resulting in a tighter chamber. Shooting 5.56 out of a .223 chamber can result in unsafe pressures leading to excess wear and tear on the firearm (and possibly you!). Basically what it boils down to is you can shoot .223 in 5.56X45mm chambered guns but it is not recommended to fire 5.56 out of a .223 chamber.